Paul Lambert defends Xherdan Shaqiri

The Swiss winger is being attacked by Charlie Adam after the footballer decided to leave Stoke City to play in Liverpool

After Xherdan Shaqiri saw how his team Stoke City was relegated from the Premier League to the Championship, he got a contract with Liverpool.

This way the Swiss winger was able to stay in England’s highest division.

But his ex-teammate Charlie Adam has criticized him.

And former Stoke City boss Paul Lambert has come out to his defense.

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“He has got it in him, but he probably knew we were going to get relegated, he was going to the World Cup and had this big move – this move was probably done three, four months ago,” he told BBC Sport according to The Mirror.

“He is a match-winner, but at times it was difficult to play in the same team. The manager would let him get away with certain things.”

“All in all, he (Shaqiri) had eight goals and seven assists or something. He was brilliant for me,” he added.

“People can say ‘He never worked back’ but listen if he’s creating something at the top end of the pitch, then you’ve got a chance. Fifteen games, I never had one problem.”


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