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Paulo Dybala liked how he played alongside Lionel Messi

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After a Copa America where he didn’t have that much participation, Paulo Dybala wanted to remind people he can play alongside Lionel Messi.

It was only a few years ago when a young Paulo Dybala was praised by Lionel Messi when he was giving his first steps in European football.

The Instituto de Cordoba youth product made a rapid jump from Argentina to Italy and began a new adventure at Palermo.

It was quite evident we had a truly impressive talent on our hands, and Messi himself quickly took notice of this new player.

The similarities between both players were evident from the very start, Dybala was also a leftie and he played the very same position as a right winger.

Even Juventus decided to make a wager for this young talent and signed him from Palermo for €40 million.

Paulo quickly adapted to the Italian giants and he has won several trophies ever since.

Dybala even helped his squad reach the 2017 Champions League final when Paul Pogba was no longer the star of the club.

There was no doubt that the Old Lady had a very talented player in its hands, somebody with whom they could build a project.

Messi expressed his excitement from the very beginning of Paulo’s career in Europe, he knew the two would meet while playing for Argentina and the encounter was getting closer every day.

Paulo’s slow start for Argentina.

After getting a call-up to play a World Cup qualifier for the 2018 competition, manager Gerardo Martino handed Dybala his debut.

Even though he had his debut against Paraguay in October 2015, Dybala’s first start came in 2016 against Uruguay.

In this match, the Argentine youngster got sent off for a foul he committed and the similarities with Messi increased a little more.

Somewhere along the period in which Argentina played the World Cup qualifiers, Paulo made an unfortunate comment about not feeling comfortable playing alongside Lionel Messi.

This was blown completely out of proportion and the youngster was heavily criticized for it, he wasn’t called up more prominently to the squad after this.

Paulo did make the final list for the 2018 World Cup but he barely played as a substitute.

This was a player who had a stigma of not being comfortable with the two greatest players in the world, as he also had problems in Juventus when Ronaldo arrived.

But Paulo wanted to prove everybody wrong, his big chance came during the 2019 Copa Americ in Brazil.

Manager Lionel Scaloni had him as a substitute as well, but Dybala performed well in the few chances he got.

The final verdict on Paulo is that he can perform great with Messi on the pitch.

Manager Lionel Scaloni decided to not use Dybala for the first two matches against Colombia and Paraguay, which Argentina didn’t win.

The Juventus star played the last 15 minutes against Qatar and he set up Aguero for the second goal of the evening with a beautiful assist.

For the next two games, Dybala only played for five minutes and had no major impact in any of the matches.

With Lautaro Martinez’s absence for the final game against Chile, Scaloni handed Dybala his only start of the competition.

Paulo was one of the best players on the pitch and he performed perfectly with Messi on the pitch.

In fact, nobody could understand why Scaloni took him out of the game when he was the best performer that evening.

The star felt like he needed that vindication, which eventually came and he made sure everybody heard him after the Copa America.

“I think I’ve shown that I can play with Messi,” said Paulo on Fox Sports.

“It’s a question of knowing each other better, of finding some chemistry, of seeing where and how each of us moves.”

“There was a good system of play. It happened with Leo against Chile and also with Kun [Aguero].”

“Before the game, we spoke about these movements, with one staying further forward and the other dropping deep to get the ball. We did things well. I’m happy.”

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