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Paulo Dybala reveals a falling out with Jorge Sampaoli

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After having a relatively good Copa America performance with Argentina, Paulo Dybala came out to reveal a fall out with Jorge Sampaoli.

We’ve discussed how much Paulo Dybala has improved over the last few years with Argentina, but we had no idea he had problems with Jorge Sampaoli.

The Juventus star is widely considered as one of the most important players for his country, he has the ideal age and talent to help the squad win trophies.

We didn’t have a clue to why he was never used in the starting eleven, his talent was more than enough to earn him a spot.

We all believed that the 2018 World Cup in Rusia would be his time to shine, he was coming out of a great season and he was ready to play alongside Messi.

However, Dybala hardly played games during that competition and we couldn’t understand why.

Turns out that Paulo had problems with Jorge Sampaoli during that competition, the manager didn’t even speak to him throughout the whole tournament.

The player recently spoke to Fox Sports about his bad experience, he described how those moments were and he still doesn’t understand why the manager decided to ghost him like that.

Now that the new manager came, Paulo has a very different role in the squad and he has constant communication with Lionel Scaloni.

The results from the player came during the Copa America, it’s evident he is much happier now.

It was during an interview with Fox Sports when Paulo revealed the details, he wanted to leave things clear about the problems he had with Sampaoli.

There is something that happened before the World Cup that made the manager change his attitude towards Dybala, something that he still can’t explain.

“Sampaoli and I had a talk when he came to Torino before we all went to the World Cup in Russia, he spoke to me just as he did with all the other players,” said Paulo.

“Then, I had no further communication with him during the World Cup. He never approached me in any fashion, he never said a word.”

“I didn’t speak to him at all. I think that he didn’t even greet me when he saw me. This is very strange to me, you spend time with people in a complex in Russia and you share time with a lot of people, you cross paths a number of times…”

“It’s very weird that the manager doesn’t greet a player, that he doesn’t ask him how he feels or how he is doing.”

“Scaloni and I spoke before the Copa America. He told me that he wanted me to play as a number ‘9’ and that’s what we worked on before the tournament.”

“Me getting angry after coming out was in the heat of the moment. You react like this because of the adrenaline.”

“I later spoke to Scaloni and told him that I wanted to play more minutes. These things happen, I’m not complaining about anything. That moment is passed and he responded well to it.”

Dybala’s role with Argentina will change.

After the performance he offered during Copa America, Paulo proved that he is ready to take on a bigger challenge and also play with Lionel Messi while he does it.

There is still no way to explain why there were managers who simply ghost this incredible talent, but Lionel Scaloni is not making the same mistakes they did.

Paulo is one of the biggest hopes that Argentina has of being competitive during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Now that he returns with a whole new role as a player, Dybala will also have to enforce his own status at Juventus next to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before manager Maurizio Sarri came to the club, they were actually thinking about selling him to another club.

However, the new coach has very big plans for this player and he has no intentions of letting him leave.

It’s safe to say that Paulo’s future is still bright, even if there are some people who are always going out of their way to prevent him from reaching his true potential.

We certainly hope that Dybala can take this opportunity and finally become the player we all envisioned when he started his career in Europe.

How far can Paulo Dybala get in his career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.