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Pazzini ready to prove himself for Levante

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The striker had a lot of eyebrows raised at him after joining the Serie A side, but he reassured his critics that he joined the club only to play football and help the team.

Levante’s forward Giampaolo Pazzini joined Levante on a loan move from Hellas Verona at the very last moment on transfer deadline day and caused a lot of controversy. Many consider the striker to be done with his best days and to have joined the club without a particular goal set in his mind, but the 33-year-old stated otherwise.

“I am not here to be a tourist, I am here to play football and help the team,” Il Pazzo told the official club website, according to Football Italia.

“It’s a great challenge and I have never been afraid of a challenge. The negotiations were not easy, because they only really intensified in the final hours of the transfer window. The club showed great interest and enthusiasm.

“Levante have a lot of faith in me and that is what I needed. I thank the President and the club, because this is a big opportunity and I have no intention of wasting it.”