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Pedro keeps breaking unique records in football history

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After a new trophy that he can count on his cabinet, we need to talk about Pedro’s unique records in football and how they’ve shaped his career.

We recently published an article in which we reveal the players with unique records in football history, we can add Pedro to this list after what he accomplished last night.

The now Chelsea forward has lived a very prolific career since he started playing football at the highest level for FC Barcelona.

It all started during the 2009-10 season, which was the year that Pedro managed to break out into the first team that was managed by Pep Guardiola at the time.

That goal he scored against Athletic Club Bilbao to secure the victory for the Blaugrana in the Spanish Supercup, was where Pedro’s first unique record started taking shape.

The Spanish forward signed his first pro contract during that same week and celebrated it by scoring the winner against Shakhtar Donetsk in the European Supercup later that month.

From that moment forward, Pedro started scoring in every single competition that presented itself to him and scored goals that brought titles to the club.

With the goal he scored against Atlante in the FIFA Club World Cup semifinal, Pedro became the first player to score in all the six competitions a professional European club played throughout a single year.

Pedro’s two new unique records in football.

Even though he was extremely successful at FC Barcelona during his seven seasons at the club, Pedro was still looking for that starring role in a squad.

Having Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez competing against him didn’t help and he decided to leave during the summer of 2015.

Pedro didn’t leave the institution until after he became one of only seven players in football history who has won the Treble twice in his career.

New challenges were calling him in England, Chelsea FC decided to bet on him and signed him during that summer.

The Spanish forward had already won the European Championship and the World Cup with Spain.

He also won the Spanish La Liga and the Champions League with Barcelona.

When he arrived at Chelsea, the Canarian player got to experience what it feels like to win the Premier League during the 2016-17 season under manager Antonio Conte.

But the best was still to come for him, as Pedro conquered two more unique records last Wednesday when he won the Europa League with the Blues.

Pedro scored in the final against Arsenal, which made him the only player in history who has scored in this final, the UEFA Champions League final (2011), and the UEFA Supercup Final (2009).

And last but never least, Pedro became the only player in football history who has won the Champions League, the Europa League, the FIFA World Cup, and the European Championship.

The Spanish forward is already a veteran of the game at 31-years old but he still seems like he has a few more years left at the highest level.

When his career is finally over, Pedro will remain as one of those players who wasn’t only incredibly talented and successful.

He was also quite fortunate to have experienced so many unique moments during his career.

The new season that is coming at Chelsea for Pedro will be pivotal for his career, for he will be one of the main players that the fans will look at for support during the transfer ban period.

Eden Hazard’s imminent exit leaves him as one of the few experienced players who are talented enough to carry the Blues forward throughout such a complicated period of time.

Pedro has been looking for his perfect opportunity to shine and prove that he can be the frontman of any major club in Europe.

It appears that the Spanish forward’s wishes have been heard by the universe, it is up to him to prove to the world what he is really made of.

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