The Brazil legends have not been impressed with how Neymar has carried himself and have said that the Brazilian really needs to focus on football.

Neymar is definitely one of the biggest stars of the game. However, it is a shame to see where his career is heading.

Whether it’s being pampered by his father and agent or the crazy amount of money he makes. Neymar has definitely been a major disappointment despite wooing away audiences every time he steps onto the field.

Coming from a country that is home to some of the biggest legends of the game, Neymar might never be one of those legends. That is largely due to his way of life. Controversies are never far away and injuries have further ruined things for the former Barcelona man.

And the legendary Pele says that it has become really difficult for him to defend Neymar.

While speaking to Bild, the three-time World Cup winner said that Neymar does everything other than playing football.

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“It has become difficult to defend Neymar. He does everything but play football. I met him twice in Europe and told him, ‘Boy that talent has been given to you by God. But what you do with it, it makes things complicated.”

And another legend, Zico also feels that Neymar lacks focus which is why he hasn’t won any individual honour.

“Neymar needs to focus more on his profession and to win something important, like the Balon D’Or. But the focus just isn’t there,” said the former Brazil international.

Clearly, Neymar has bags of talent. But off-field issues have really been a source of hindrance. To make matters worse, the forward’s injury record keeps getting worse as the months go by.

Only recently, the player was accused of raping a woman. The allegations have been denied but this is another example of how distractive elements in his life are ruining Neymar as a player.


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