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Pellegrini speaks about the Hammers pre-season

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The West Ham United manager is in Nanjing, China, with his team to play in the Asian Trophy match against Newcastle United.

West Ham United and Newcastle United will play for the Asian Trophy this week.

And the Hammers manager Manuel Pellegrini spoke about the Hammers pre-season.

“Well, we started 1 July in Switzerland and we were there for ten days and working in a really good place,” he told Football London.

“This second part of pre-season, we came here to China to play two games, so we are not working so hard in training, but it will be very useful in helping us to return to our normal performance.”

“I had the fortune to live here for around a year and a half. It’s a beautiful country and about the football here in China, there is a league that is improving every year, bringing in very good players every year, so I am really happy to be here again,” he said about the host country.

“As I just said, we will play two games in a week, which is good for the players.”

“We cannot work a lot with them but the best way is to play games so especially in this Asia Trophy, it is useful because we will play against good teams,” he added.

“It was an important trophy because it was the start of my first year in Manchester City. It was a beautiful game.”

“We also played against an English team (Sunderland) and we won that trophy,” he concluded.