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Pep Guardiola agrees that the domestic Treble isn’t enough 


After winning the domestic Treble for the first time in English football history, Pep Guardiola still reckons it isn’t enough for Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola just completed the unthinkable again in his career, the man won the domestic Treble for the first time ever in English football.

This distinction consists of winning the Premier League, the League Cup, and the FA Cup in a single season.

No other club in English football history has ever accomplished this feat before, but Pep Guardiola doesn’t think it’s enough.

The Catalan manager agrees with the vast majority of critics about one thing, Manchester City needs to win the Champions League.

The reason the Citizens brought Guardiola in the first place was to win that title, something he still hasn’t been able to accomplish during his first three seasons here.

The manager has been celebrating this historic achievement on Monday through the streets of Manchester, but he still isn’t satisfied with what’s he’s accomplished.

Guardiola explained why he doesn’t think he will stop being judged by his harshest critics during his time in England, he welcomes this challenge and he understands why there is so much pressure on his shoulders.

Pep’s first few years as a manager were what set the tone for his career, this is the reason everybody expects perfection from him at any club he goes.


Pep is to blame for all this pressure.

This high standard was first proved during his second experience as a manager, he coached Bayern Munich in a difficult situation.

Pep Guardiola wasn’t only coming from a wildly successful first experience at Barcelona, he also took a squad that was coming from winning the Treble in Germany.

The Catalan coach knew that he would have a very difficult time in the Bundesliga but he still confronted the challenge.

The results were good but nowhere as spectacular as people expected from him, it didn’t take long for Pep to realize he needed a new challenge.

It’s not the same thing taking a club with a huge tradition, then taking one that only has a lot of money and no real history.

Pep Guardiola knew that he was coming to a club to create history, this would be done through money and his skill to manage a club.

This man hasn’t done a bad job so far, he’s won almost everything there is to win for a club as rich as this one.

But everybody knows what to expect next season, even Pep is aware that he will be considered a failure if he doesn’t win at least one Champions League before he leaves the institution.

City wants Pep to remain at the club for many years.

Even if the fans are holding Guardiola accountable if he doesn’t reach the high standards, the club seems very pleased with what he is doing right now.

Diario Sport reported that the Citizens are already thinking about offering him a contract extension of five more years with the club.

The manager currently earns €17 million per season, the club is offering him €22 million for the next five seasons.

But Guardiola doesn’t think about the money, he will stay if they want him to but he knows what he needs to do.

“I said before that I know we will be judged at the end on whether we win the Champions League,” said Guardiola via BBC Sport.

“I know unless we do that it will not be enough. This comes with me. I know that.”

“I arrive in Barcelona, we were lucky we won it two times in four years and the people expect I am something special that we have to win the Champions League and it’s still true.”

“In this club, the points record and the domestic competitions is incredible, but the Champions League we don’t win quite often compared to the other ones because the teams are so good, the competition is so demanding but we want to win it.”

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