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Pep Guardiola refuses to go on a spending spree like Liverpool

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City manager Pep Guardiola spoke freely about Liverpool’s ability to spend €197 million in four players this season and refused to follow their lead.

Maybe Pep Guardiola forgets that in the past seasons, Manchester City has been the club that spends record-breaking transfer fees on defenders and he doesn’t want to recall them. Today ahead of the Citizens’ friendly match against Liverpool, Guardiola looks to be eager to distract Reds manager Jürgen Klopp by directly mentioning his club’s spending spree from this season. As of today, Fenway Group has spent nearly €197 million in only four players as a clear attempt to become title contenders for this season.

“Every club does what they believe. I understand completely. I’m not concerned at what someone says one day. Liverpool believes they need these players and spend this money so I’m not judging what they’re doing. If they decide that then it’s perfect for them. I don’t like when my colleagues talk about me. We increased the level of the Premier League and that means the others ones want to do better and better. We’re not going to break any more records – it’s impossible,” said the City manager during this Tuesday’s press conference ahead of today’s friendly match against Liverpool.

Pep has only spent €70 million in two players for Manchester City this season, he truly believes the team has top quality players in every position and Riyad Mahrez’s arrival from Leicester City looks more like a luxury than anything else. It is still unclear if this decision to save money will work for Manchester City this season, but Pep Guardiola is already taking shots at possible title contenders like Liverpool.