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Pep Guardiola: We helped Liverpool to make this step

Pep Guardiola, Liverpool, Manchester City, Premier League
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Liverpool look like they’re heading for their first league title in 30 years as Klopp and his men are already 14 points ahead of Guardiola’s team.

The title race last season was one of the most legendary. However, Guardiola took the title a point ahead of Klopp.

Tables have turned this time around, and it’s German’s time for success.

Pep was asked about this, and he had an interesting reply.

“When we arrived here, the ­standard was 85 pts to win the PL. Now you have to reach almost 100 points to win.

“That’s how we helped ­Liverpool to make this step. All the teams that are behind Liverpool, we know we have to make 100 points.

“Before it didn’t happen & we were the reason why,” Pep said, according to Mirror.

It’s hard to disagree with Guardiola, given his side’s success throughout the years.