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Pepe offers his take on Ronaldo’s future at Juventus

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During a recent interview, Pepe revealed what he believes Cristiano Ronaldo will decide in terms of his future as a Juventus player. 

Only people like Pepe know what Cristiano Ronaldo might do with his future as a Juventus player. He has been one of the best friends in football that the Portugal captain has at the moment. Together, they shared many great years at Real Madrid and they keep a close relationship to this day. It was only a matter of time before someone asked Pepe about the decision Ronaldo could make.

There are many rumors rolling around. Some link him to clubs like PSG, while others believe he will go back to Manchester United. Even Real Madrid has been in the mix of the possible destinations for Ronaldo. Harsh criticism in Italy might be a reason for him to leave Serie A for good next season. But for Pepe, things are not as black and white as others might think. 

Pepe believes Ronaldo is happy in Italy. 

If Cristiano Ronaldo tells anybody about his possible decision, perhaps Pepe is one of those select individuals in the know. In a recent interview with Novo, the Porto defender was questioned about Ronaldo’s chances of going back to his home country to retire. This is what he said via Goal: “Honestly, given how I know him, I don’t know if he would tolerate the way many people talk about football in Portugal.

“I think he’s happy in Turin, he’s the leading goalscorer in Serie A, those who criticize him don’t know how difficult it is to score more than 30 goals every year. What Cristiano can do is incredible. And I hope he will stay there for more years, giving joy to football lovers and representing Portugal very well, as he has always done.”