Pereira: Mourinho would agree to join Bayern Munich & PSG

Biographer Manuel Pereira believes Jose Mourinho’s time at the top of the football world isn’t over as he is yet to conquer the German and French leagues

The Portuguese coach has enjoyed an incredible 18-year managerial career in top-flight club football following spells with Benfica, União de Leiria, FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

In that time, Mourinho has won league titles and domestic cups across four different countries along with two Champions Leagues and the Europa League.

While the four-time World Best Club Coach’s career has hit a low point recently, in light of his sacking from United last month, Pereira insists Mourinho is far from finished.

“He is a very ambitious person and will not disappear into the sunset,” Pereira told Goal.

“He still has a long life as a coach before him with many challenges that excite him. He has only trained in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain so far.

“For example, he still lacks the Bundesliga. If Karl-Heinz Rummenigge calls him tomorrow and offers him to train Bayern, Mourinho would agree for sure.

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“Also PSG would certainly be a delightful task for him.”

Another possibility for Mourinho is taking charge of the Portugal national team, which would be less stressful.

Although Pereria believes a lot can happen between now and this summer at Real Madrid, who he believes Mourinho could still rejoin.

“In case he does not find a club in the summer, I can imagine that he will take over the Portuguese national team,” Pereria said. “That would mean less stress for him.

“He could thereby devote himself more to his private life, which has suffered a lot in Manchester.

“He did not have a real home there, but spent most nights in the hotel or flew to London to be with his family.

“But a lot can happen by summer. Especially at Real Madrid.”


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