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Perez: “Zizou is French so he could do something with Mbappe”

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Florentino Perez was buzzing on Monday evening after announcing the return of Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid and even hinted at a possible big-name arrival.

The legendary French footballer returned to the Bernabeu 284 days after leaving his post at the club, and the club’s executives and fans are hoping for a repeat of his glory days in his second spell.

The President stated that everyone at the club was ecstatic to see the return of Zidane, and hinted on imminent changes in the dressing room.

“Zidane is an 18-year love story,” the president said. “It’s a very big day. Everyone feels enchanted.”

“There will only be the changes that have to be made,” he explained via Marca, denying there was set to be a complete revolution.

“Zidane is a man who produces enthusiasm, not only to Spain but to the rest of the world.

“But now we have to prepare for the next game and finish the season well.”

When talking about the possible arrivals this summer, Florentino joked when Kylian Mbappe’s name was mentioned.

“Zidane is French so he could do something with Mbappe,” he said, laughing.

Mbappe, however, refuted claims he would join Madrid making it clear he is committed to the Parisians.

The Spanish giants will finish the season without a trophy after bowing out of three competitions in the space of 10 days, which led to the exit of Solari.