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Peter Crouch offers Cristiano Ronaldo advice on goal celebrations

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The former Premier League star has offered CR7 some pointers on how to celebrate after scoring a goal.

Peter Crouch reckons Cristiano Ronaldo should take a leaf out of his book by not repeating the same goal celebration so often.

The ex-Tottenham and Liverpool striker was renowned for his robot goal celebration. But as Crouch has pointed out, he only did three times throughout his career – something he feels Ronaldo should think about.

The Manchester United star’s iconic ‘Sii’ celebration is a worldwide hit. Football players and athletes from different sports have all emulated it, as well as the children Crouch has been coaching in Dubai.

‘Key to a good celebration is not doing it too often’

“All of them wanted to perfect the Cristiano Ronaldo ‘siu’ celebration,” Crouch wrote in the Daily Mail about the kids he coached in Dubai.

“Now, I have a bit of knowledge in this area. I got them all doing the robot but no, it was all about Ronaldo.

“I think this needs saying as a public service announcement: the key to a good celebration is not doing it too often. You don’t want anybody turning round saying: ‘Oh, here he goes again.

“I only did the robot three times on a pitch (more at weddings, obviously!) — in England friendlies against Hungary and Jamaica and, with Stoke, when I scored my 100th Premier League goal.

“You have to save them. Leave the punters wanting more. Think on, Cristiano.”

What next for Ronaldo?

The 37-year-old returns to action on Wednesday to face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

Manchester United need Ronaldo firing on all cylinders in Spain for the first leg of the last-16 tie. The bookies expect a close affair in this one. There is not much between the sides in terms of odds, with a draw looking like a tempting bet at the moment.