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Peter Crouch retires from football

peter crouch
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Peter Crouch has announced his retirement from football after representing England 42 times while playing in the Premier League for Tottenham and Stoke.

Peter Crouch has decided to hang his boots after spending 23 years on the field. The England international became a free agent after his short term deal with Burnley expired. The Englishman had joined the Clarets after spending nearly 7 years with Stoke City.

However, at the age of 38, Peter Crouch penned an emotional message while writing for Daily Mail. The former striker says that it found it hard to play for only a few minutes at the tail end of his career.

“My ambition was to play until I was 40, so it is scary saying the word ‘retirement’. It has left me emotional and it feels weird not to be preparing for a new campaign but circumstances over the last couple of seasons have made me realise that this is the right thing to do.”

“To go from being a regular starter to someone whose role is limited to 10 or 15 minutes off the bench has been hard to accept. I will be 39 in January but I am physically fit and could have carried on. What I didn’t want to be was someone who was thrown on to have balls smashed up to them.”

The striker also says that he never thought that he would go on to represent England on 42 occasions or play in the Champions League final with Liverpool.

“If you had told me at that point I would go on to play for England 42 times and score 22 goals, play for Liverpool in a Champions League and FA Cup final and score the goal that put Tottenham back in the European Cup for the first time in four decades, I would have had you locked up.”

“That, though, is what happened and I remember a conversation with my Dad when I was on international duty that put everything into context. We were talking about the England No 9 shirt and how every kid in the country who kicks a ball around hopes they will wear it one day,” said Peter Crouch.