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Peter Crouch thinks Jose Mourinho is unfit for Tottenham

Peter Crouch
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Peter Crouch has found Mourinho’s appointment to be strange but has backed Tottenham to get back on the right path.

Tottenham sacked Mauricio Pochettino earlier this week. In less than a day after Pochettino’s dismissal, former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was appointed as the head coach.

Peter Crouch finds Tottenham and Jose Mourinho’s pairing to be strange. The former England striker believes that the Portuguese does not share the same philosophy as Spurs. Speaking to Metro, he also lauded Tottenham as one of the best teams in the world.

“I don’t think at the start of the season Spurs would have hired him,” Crouch said.

“In a lot of ways… sometimes clubs are close to relegation and they get someone in that doesn’t play the way the club wants to but it’s about surviving.

“I think this is a similar situation but at the top end of the league,” Peter Crouch continued.

“Mourinho traditionally buys 30+ players who do the job now because he knows he’ll only be there one or two years. That’s against the philosophy of Tottenham so it’s a strange fit but if needs must.”

“I feel like they still have a top squad, they’ve got top players.

“This is the same team that got to the Champions League final, they can beat anyone on their day,” Peter Crouch claimed.