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Petit – Selfish Neymar sh**s all over PSG

Neymar, psg
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Emmanuel Petit accuses Neymar of being selfish and being nothing compared to the genius’s he played with.

Emmanuel Petit played with some of the best players in the footballing world.

He was a legend at Arsenal and Barcelona, as well as the French national team.

According to an interview reported by Marca, the retired midfielder believes that Neymar is selfish.

He insists everything he does he does for himself and doesn’t care about the club.

“This guy plays for him, and only for him,”

“Put yourself in the place of the boys in the PSG dressing room, who live for months with the whims of this guy who sh*ts on the club and their supporters.”

“He has no respect.”

Petit doesn’t believe it would be so bad if he was good enough, but apparently he doesn’t rate him in comparison to the payer he played alongside.

He added:

“When I played with Zidane or Djorkaeff, I knew they were able to decide a game on their own, so we accepted their defensive neglect.”

“We accepted it and did our job because we knew they could win with a flash of genius.”

“This is not the case, at all, with Neymar.”

His behavior is something identified by manager Thomas Tuchel, as recently spoke of the provocative actions that make him difficult to control.