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Petit told Henry to be more humble back at Arsenal

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Petit believes Henry failed as Monaco manager because he was stuck in the mindset of a player and didn’t think like a coach.

Thierry Henry had a successful career as a footballer.

He’s considered one of the best Arsenal players in history.

But he couldn’t have the same success as a manager, as he failed on his first job with Monaco in the French Ligue 1.

And his former teammate Emmanuel Petit believes he was stuck in the mentality of a player and remembered how he told him to be more humble when they were playing together.

“Everyone knows what he has done on the pitch. Now he wants to be a manager and his first job at Monaco did not go well – I think he is still a player in his mind,” Petit told The Daily Mail.

“You have to change the mentality – you can’t keep the player’s mindset if you want to be a manager.”

The former player explained: “The way you talk to players and control training sessions is very important. Even if it’s your first job, footballers will test you constantly.”

“As a player, Thierry was terrific and I hope he achieves the same as a manager. But I remember saying something to him at Arsenal.”

Petit concluded: “I told him, ‘Every time you score a goal, you should be more humble and try to have a connection with the fans, rather than living in your own world’. He didn’t like it.”