Petr Cech doesn’t think tomorrow is his last Europa League match

The Arsenal goalkeeper is set to retire at the end of the season from competitive football, but he wants one last trophy before he goes.

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech announced a few weeks ago that he would retire from professional football.

And with a 3-1 advantage over Valencia in the UEFA Europa League Semifinal, he believes he can retire with a bang.

“We knew in this campaign we were in this position a few times. We lost the first leg away in Borisov, so the second leg could have been the last game in Europe for me. And then we lost in France, so each round was the same thing,” Cech told the club’s official website.

“Next time, with Napoli, we won at home but we respected the opponent going to Italy and we knew it was going difficult. Tomorrow is the same situation.”

He explained: “We gave ourselves a two-goal cushion, but you know, two goals with the away goals now is an advantage but it’s not a decisive advantage.”

“We can see that in the past and we can see it in the future, ties will get overturned with that deficit because football is about that.”

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“We respect the opponent tomorrow and it will be very difficult. We were on the right side of those little details when we won 3-1, so we keep our feet on the ground and we know that tomorrow is another difficult 90 minutes,” he said.

“I think the key is in training. You keep training at your best and together with my experience, you prepare during the week and even if you play regularly, the key still lies in training. If you prepare well then you’ll play well and with all the experience I have, I don’t feel a big difference. I feel prepared for every game.”


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