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PFA chief Taylor confident review will go ahead

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In response to media criticism, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor insists an independent review of the organisation will take place soon.

Back in November 2018, Taylor wrote to members of the PFA, forming them he and the board would be recommending a QC-led independent review into the “structure and operation of the organisation”.

Reports are rife the announcement of the review was preceded criticism aimed at Taylor, who has been in the role 38 years, over his annual salary and management issues.

A statement from the PFA chief disclosed via Sky: “In the light of recent media interest I wish to clarify the situation with regard to the proposed Independent Review of the PFA.

“A decision has been made by the Trustees and the Management Committee to appoint Sport Resolutions as the appropriate body to conduct the review. Sport Resolutions are in the process of constituting the panel that will conduct the review and will finalise the Terms of Reference and scope of the review.

“The independent review will look into the (i) governance; (ii) management; and (iii) policies, procedures and operations of the PFA, with the aim of ensuring the PFA operates effectively, in accordance with the highest standards and in the best interests of its members.

“Mindful of the PFA’s role to protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights, and status of all professional football players by collective bargaining agreements, the Independent Review’s objectives will be to make recommendations on any changes necessary to implement best practice.

“The Panel will aim to submit its findings to the Trustees and Management Committee of the PFA as soon as reasonably practicable (whilst ensuring that it comprehensively delivers on the agreed scope).

“In the spirit of accountability and transparency, the Key Findings and Recommendations will be published by the PFA as soon as practicable after its completion (whilst ensuring that any necessary confidentiality is maintained).”