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Phil Foden admits tough European test

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The England Under 21s are currently participating at the European Championships and Phil Foden says that it will be a tough ask for his team to become champions.

Manchester City midfielder, Phil Foden says that it is going to be very difficult for England Under 21s to lift the European Championship. The youngster adds that it would be way more difficult than winning the World Cup.

The young midfielder was thrown into the limelight as he led the Under-17 side to World Cup glory in October 2017. However, lifting the European Championship may prove to be difficult.

And Phil Foden, while speaking to reporters (via Daily Mail), says that the European Championship is going to be a great challenge.

‘I’m excited, playing against great players with great players,’ said Foden.

‘It is such a big challenge for me and I can’t wait for the first game. It’s the same tempo, and I’m sure it will be even harder to win this tournament. There are lot of better players.

‘It takes a lot of heart and desire (to win a tournament), especially when you get into the later stages. You are playing the same team and you haven’t got the legs; you’ve just got to use your mind and heart and pull through it. A lot of heart and determination have to be used.

‘I try not to look too much into (the expectation on me) because sometimes it can affect your performance; reading what people are saying might put pressure on you.

‘So I try not to think about it; I go in with a clear mind and play how I normally play the game.’

And the youngster says that winning trophies is always going to be the objective.

‘The World Cup was the first, biggest one and then I started winning trophies with City, cups and leagues. It’s hard to pick one! Every single one is special to me.

‘It’s all about keeping winning the next thing, once you win one thing, you want to win the next thing. For me, I just love winning. Every game I go into I just want to win it. It’s the excitement of winning. And that’s what I want to do.’