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Phil Neville believes Lionesses should do better

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The England women’s national team manager believes his team ended up with a nervous breakdown after barely beating Scotland 2-1 today.

The England national team went to the half-time rest with a comfortable 2-0 advantage over Scotland.

This was thanks to goals by Nikita Paris and Ellen White.

But a mistake by skipper Steph Houghton was pounced up by Scottish striker Claire Emsley to make the score 2-1 and give the English a nervous breakdown.

“I was pleased with the result – but we set certain standards and the players know we need to keep meeting them,” Lionesses’ coach Phil Nevill told The Mirror.

“We cannot drop below those standards. If we do, we get second-half performances like that.”

“I want us to play as we did in the first half for 90 minutes. We didn’t pass the ball as well as we should have done and we didn’t see out the game. We needed that third goal,” he added.

“The lesson is for us that every World Cup game is going to be difficult — we thought it was going to be easy in the second half.”

“We had played with no fear in the first half. The players were so relaxed in our pre-match meeting,” he continued.

“You could smell it. And when we play as we did for the first 60 minutes, we are a good team.”

The manager concluded: “We have been given two talks by referees, one by a FIFA official, the other from Sian Massey, and both of them said it would be a penalty.”

“I’ve not seen it back. I trusted that the minute the referee came over that it would be given.”