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PHOTO: Ronaldo offers insight into his latest recovery

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Fresh out of making history again, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to share an image of his recovery with all his social media supporters. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recovery after every match is a vital part of his professional career, especially as he goes through this veteran stage. Although he still plays like he is in his ‘20s, his secret is to maintain an immaculate physical state every week. With Juventus relying on him a little too much this season, Cristiano needs to take extra special care of his temple.

After last Tuesday’s goal against Spezia, the Portuguese forward decided to post an Instagram image of his recovery with his sights set on next weekend’s activity. The Bianconeri are about to enter one of the most important weeks of the season, especially in the competition Ronaldo loves the most. He needs to recover perfectly in order to keep the momentum he has at the moment and remain alive in all competitions. 

Lazio and Porto are next for Ronaldo. 

Over the next week, Cristiano Ronaldo has two massive games where he needs to perform at his best. First, Juventus will receive a visit from Lazio in next weekend’s Serie A activity. After that, the most challenging gameday comes to face Cristiano. Due to their defeat against Porto in the first leg, Juventus needs to win by at least one goal and not allow the Portuguese club to score.

Given that Cris loves playing against clubs from his home country, we can already expect him to be extra motivated. Days like today in recovery are massively important for a veteran player like Ronaldo. He will need all the rest he can get, especially as we enter the final part of the current season in all competitions.