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Piatek doesn’t want to be compared to Lewandowski

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Krzysztof Piatek has been on fire this season in the Serie A as he has scored nine goals for Genoa so far this season – but he doesn’t like being compared to Lewandowski.

The Bayern Munich star is Piatek’s fellow national team striker but the young forward can’t stand this kind of comparison any longer – he doesn’t believe that after scoring just a couple of goals, such a thing is on point.

The Poland international spoke about these talks as he said, according to Calcio Mercato:

“Today, I can not stand the comparison with Lewandowski, but I can get to those levels. When you play in Serie A you must have a clear head, use it always and not just to score. It is wrong to think that: “I scored 5 goals, I am a football god”. You’re nobody, anyway. The road is long.”

“My goal is the Champions League, I want to get there. I want to thank President Preziosi who gave me this chance, there is only one way to repay this trust and investment: to score lots of goals. I will not disappoint: neither him nor me.”