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Piatek’s father says his son wants to take Milan into the Champions League

Chievo Verona v AC Milan - Serie A
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Wladislav Piatek, the father of the AC Milan star striker Krzysztof believes his son will take the Rossoneri back in the Champions League.

Piatek senior talked about his son’s childhood and how Krzystof moved away from home at the age of 17 to live on his own.

“He is a normal kid, more energetic than the others, but a good kid,” his father Wladislaw said via Football Italia.

“The first move away from home was aged 17 for Lubin. He could’ve lost his head, got distracted, done all sorts of stupid things, as he lived on his own and everyone told him he was great. If he didn’t have great discipline, he would’ve lost his way.

“I was sure to teach him discipline, repeatedly telling him he had to have respect for those watching. He showed character and fortitude at Cracovia, as they put him in the reserve side all week and he said nothing. That Sunday, he was in the starting XI and Cracovia won 2-1 with his brace.”

Krzystof Piatek moved to Italy during the summer of 2018, signing for Genoa. He scored extraordinary 19 goals in his 21 games across all competitions for the new club, establishing himself as one of the best strikers in Serie A.

AC Milan bought the Polish forward in January and Piatek guided the Rossoneri to the top four in Serie A.


He has scored 19 Serie A goals so far this season – the same amount as Juventus’ star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

“With one step at a time, he gained in confidence, until arriving in Italy at the right time,” continued his father.

“Today, he wants to take Milan into the Champions League, then when his contract is due to expire in 2023, we’ll see what happens.

“Krzysztof sees change as indispensable for his growth process. If Milan are able to grow at the same pace as him and they improve together, it’ll be impossible to say when their paths could diverge.”