Pique hits out at Madrid before el Clásico

The honest and at times controversial Gerard Pique hits out at Real Madrid as a response to Marca, which questioned the Barca fans’ tribute to the players against Juventus

Written by Christian Møller Poulsen. April 21, 2017

In the dying seconds of the Champions League game against Juventus, the crowd at Camp Nou made a tribute for the players, despite of the elimination from the Champions League for the Catalans.

Following the gesture from the Barca fans, Marca made a voting about whether it was right for the fans to make a tribute for the players , when they were being knocked out of the Champions League.

The voting on Marcas website, made Pique send a message towards Madrid. Pique tweeted: “It bothers some to see how the Camp Nou crowd applaud their team despite elimination. They (alluding to Real Madrid) are used to hearing whistles despite qualifying for the semis.”

Aubameyang: Arsenal’s new front three can rival Liverpool’s

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is feeling bullish over his developing Arsenal partnership with Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe.

The tweet from the Barca defender was an indirect jibe towards the Bernabéu fans who whistled at Cristiano Ronaldo before the Portuguese scored three goals against Bayern München Tuesday night.

With Pique’s tweet, he has now sent the ball to Sergio Ramos, who he has had an intense and entertaining social media war with throughout the season.



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