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Pique: “We have known for a long time that Neymar wanted to leave”


Pique featured at a press conference ahead of El Clasico tomorrow, where the Catakan revelaed that he knew for a long time that Neymar wanted to leave

As Neymar was linked with a move to PSG, Pique made a tweet, where he stated that Neymar was staying at Barca. However, now the defender states, that he knew that Neymar wanted to leave the club for a while.

Pique told reporters the following at a press conference before El Clasico tomorrow:

“I don’t feel like I’ve been tricked,” he told reporters in the pre-Supercopa press conference on Saturday evening.

“Now that everything has taken place I can explain how it all went down.”

“At [Lionel] Messi’s wedding, Neymar already had this idea that he would leave [Barcelona].”

“The day that I posted the ‘se queda’ [‘he stays’, in English] tweet, I already knew that he was 100 percent leaving, but it was my final shot.”

“He was annoyed at me.”

“I’m sure he had his reasons.”

“In the end, we cannot judge him as he has taken a brave decision.”

“He performed really well for us and has now left money in the bank, while we remember him fondly.”

Pique then went on to speak about the €222M Barca received from the sale, and how difficult it is to spend it.

“It is a tough time to sign and everyone wants to take advantage of the fact that we have 222m euros to spend,” he said.

“The club must think well about what it does.”

“This team can guarantee [success], but new players can still be signed and it will be better because of the competition.”

He then spoke about the El Clasico.

“It is always special to play against Real Madrid,” he said.

“We will have to play a really great game to beat them.”

“There is a second leg on Wednesday, so tomorrow won’t decide everything, and we’ll try not to concede and to control the game.”