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Pique left stunned by journalist’s question about Ansu Fati

Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona, La Liga
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Gerard Pique is building his business empire based on the money he earns while playing for Barcelona.

Aside from football, Pique loves appearing on TV worldwide. He often communicates with the media directly, unlike many other footballers.

This time, he was promoting the new Davis Cup reform which was his idea. With the tournament coming up, Pique appeared on the “La Resistencia” programme.

He spoke to the host when unexpectedly, a journalist asked what does Ansu Fati eat for breakfast.

“How would I know?” Pique responded.

“Cereal with milk, I guess.

“I have never thought about what Ansu Fati eats for breakfast.”

Pique did, however, discover that Fati arrives to training with his dad, just like Alba, who still doesn’t have the driver’s license.

It’s the question you don’t see every day, but it was worth a shot, was it?