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Pixellot harnesses AI tech for unbeatable sports broadcasting solutions

Pixellot ‘Making Millions of Small Games – Big’

The sportstech industry is destined for unprecedented advances, courtesy of automated video production vis-a-vis sports broadcasting. The world is peppered with myriad daily sporting contests, the vast majority of which go unnoticed by a massive audience of fans. Were it not for in-person attendance, these sports matches would fly under the radar. At least that’s the way things used to work…

Now, thanks to breakthrough technology, courtesy of Pixellot – an innovative provider of AI-powered sports broadcasting solutions – the world is able to enjoy the most HD footage of sports matches. Unlike traditional sports broadcasting which is costly and requires experienced camera crews to operate, Pixellot is an ‘unmanned’ HD solution that is focused on all sports, at every level of competition.

What is Pixellot technology capable of doing?

Pixellot is a feat of engineering genius, capable of delivering the most sophisticated audiovisual sports broadcasting solutions in the world. These bold claims are backed up by actual results, with powerful multi-camera systems designed to cover every inch of the field of play, including every player, every play, and way beyond.

Presently, the development teams at the company have fully calibrated Pixellot camera systems to understand the rules, nuances, and intricacies of at least 14 different sports. The difference is that Pixellot does not require teams of highly-trained sports aficionados, broadcasters, hosts, analysts, playmakers, or purported experts to offer their opinions and insights while the cameras are capturing the action. The Pixellot AI system takes care of everything on its own.

Currently, the Pixellot coaching solution is being utilized by world-class football clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. As the premier La Liga teams, their standards require nothing less than excellence in sports broadcasting. The AI solutions offer detailed video playback, play-by-play tracking, and exceptional comparative analysis capabilities. From a sports team’s perspective, Pixellot is masterclass.

The recorded material can be used for training purposes, with an eye on enhanced performance, and a better understanding of how opponents are performing on the field of play. The breakthrough technology is already in use by world-class production companies such as NEP, while broadcasters across South America such as Grupo Globo, and ESPN have taken to Pixellot technology without reservation.

A pioneering entity in sports broadcasting expands digital footprint

Source: Pixellot YouTube

Pixellot understands the exigencies on the field of play, and delivers an unbeatable solution for capturing every single action from every possible angle for the best coverage on the field of play. But it’s the analytics and behind-the-scenes capabilities that make this award-winning solution such a formidable force.

The company is light-years ahead of the competition in terms of automated sports cameras, thanks largely to years of sophisticated design, development, and technological prowess during the company’s ideation and creation phase of proceedings. The team members behind Pixellot are industry experts – peerless among tech aficionados.

The AI camera technology was pioneered in Israel – an internationally respected hub of innovative solutions. Pixellot offers arguably the best technology at a fraction of the cost of what is currently available, The company is also growing its brand at a furious pace, and sports fans are liking what they’re seeing. This secret behind the company’s success is the AI technology engine itself. This type of technology actually learns from ‘seeing and doing’.

The more exposure the AI technology is privy to, the bigger the database of possibilities it can understand, and the better the results it generates. Already, Pixellot runs laps around the competition. It’s a no contest. Sports teams and sports fans alike are treated to a blistering display of HD broadcasting on the sports field, and all of this is made possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional sports broadcasting. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball, football, or ice hockey, Pixellot is a trailblazer in sports broadcasting, with the competition nowhere to be seen.

Now local sports teams have a cheerleader on their side with Pixellot!

Source: Pixellot YouTube

A big part of the problem with sports broadcasting is that so many ‘minor league’, and seemingly ‘less important’ sports matches go unnoticed. It’s only the heavy hitters that hog the limelight, but that reality is rapidly being upended by Pixellot AI automated sports production. Now, sports content creation is entirely possible thanks to the breakthrough technology courtesy of Pixellot. And since all the HD sports content created by this company does not require camera operators, it’s possible to enjoy a much greater volume of content to be created at a fraction of the cost.

The customizable content is the ‘elixir’, a.k.a. the winning edge that teams need to advance through the rungs, besting the competition along the way. Over the years, Pixellot has won tremendous praise from sports franchises, sports leagues, and sporting heroes, for its focus on the love of sports. By bringing every conceivable aspect of the game to management, team members, and sports fans, it is possible to enhance the overall sporting experience in a big way!