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Players like McTominay are United’s problem

Scott McTominay, Manchester United, Premier League
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United old guard Paul Parker believes that the likes of Scott McTominay are the problem with Manchester United.

United are in a bad way right now. It’s fair to say when a player like Scott McTominay is their best midfield player they have reached an all-time low.

That is where former United player Paul Parker thinks the problem is. The club has lost touch with what a great player is.

The one-time dominant force of English football boasted midfielders like Bryan Robson, Paul Ince, Roy Keane, and Michael Carrick.

The truth is that today’s players are not fit to lace the boots of the former greats.

Speaking to Eurosport, Parker doesn’t hold back in his candid look at McTominay and company.

He said:

“Scott McTominay is a good example of the problem.”

“He just runs around trying to kick people, thumping the badge.”

“The reason he’s out injured is that he tried to kick someone and hurt himself.”

“If that’s what people think United are, then they weren’t around for the good times.”

“If people are saying United are missing McTominay, they’re not really Man United fans.”

“Whatever he puts out there, there’s absolutely no guarantee it’s going to work.”

“If you’re playing upfront, you know that you’re not going to get the ball.”

“If you’re in defense, you know that the ball’s going to come straight back.”

“The midfield is the problem at United.”

Parker is not convinced Solskjaer is the right man for the job. But he insists that whoever is in charge needs to exercise some serious and expensive change.

He added:

“The manager… has got to be able to go out and buy six very good players and four world-class players.”

“Because what’s there right now just isn’t good enough.”

While I’m not convinced McTominay is quite that bad, the numbers don’t lie!