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Top 5 players who successfully coached their old clubs

Top 5 players who successfully coached their clubs
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Amid talk of a potential Xavi return to Barcelona, it’s time to check out the Top 5 most successful players who returned to coach their old clubs to glory.

Players who became managers of a club they previously played for in the past is becoming a common thing. Thus, Xavi Hernandez’s potential appointment at Barcelona is nothing new for most of us.

Over the last year, in fact, we saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer return to Manchester United. The goal-scoring hero made an immediate impact as interim coach and soon earned a permanent deal.

While things have been mixed since then, the “baby faced assassin” retains the confidence of everyone at Old Trafford.

Chelsea, on the other hand, took a leaf out of United’s book by appointing Frank Lampard as manager.

And while neither Solskjaer nor Lampard have won that first trophy yet, there have plenty of success stories.

So with this in mind, we give you the Top 5 players who went on to manage their old clubs.