Pochettino believes Barcelona will be crowned UCL champions

The Tottenham Hotspur manager already played against Barcelona twice this season, in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino knows that playing against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals will be very difficult.

But to him, the main favourite to win the competition continues to be Spanish La Liga side Barcelona.

“If there is one favourite team to win Champions League it is Barcelona. (Ernesto) Valverde is doing a great job. They have players of an extraordinary level, and then they have Lionel Messi.” Pochettino told Sky Sports.

“You have teams such as Manchester City or Juventus that will always have chances to win the competition because they are teams who are designed to do that. There is always room for surprises. And we hope Tottenham could be that surprise.”

“I think the Manchester United team that has been built during the past few years was built to win big things. But winning important competitions such as the Champions League or Premier League always depends on the small details,” he added.

“Of course they have players able to make things difficult for Barcelona [in the Champions League]. But I think Barcelona is one step higher than Manchester United.”

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“He (Messi) has been praised and will continue to be. He is the best player in the world. An extraordinary and unique player,” Pochettino said.

“But what is more surprising is his regularity in performing extraordinary things. That is the most surprising thing.”

“You can be a player able to do extraordinary things during certain games but to show it during every game you play proves enormous merit,” he continued.