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Pochettino compares Son Heung-min’s fame with Beckham’s

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According to the Tottenham Hotspur manager, Son Heung-min’s fame reminds him of former Manchester Unites star David Beckham.

South Korea international Son Heung-min is enjoying his time with Tottenham Hotspur.

And for Spurs coach Mauricio Pochettino, his fame reminds him of Manchester United’s star David Beckham.

“No, not surprised. We can appreciate and see how the people love Sonny here in Asia,” he told Goal.

“Of course, he’s an icon. I compared him before to David Beckham in popularity.”

“It doesn’t surprise me but it’s good to see how the people love him and how important he is for the people,” he added.

“I am happy to hear him telling you that he still wants to improve, be better and work hard.”

Pochettino explained: “That mentality is fantastic and that is why he is a very good example for all the fans and all the people, not only here in Asia but in the world.”

“It’s not just me, it’s everyone,” said Son.

“It’s special being here with the team. I don’t care about being the main [attraction] or not.”

“I’m happy to be here but I’m still learning, looking to be better day by day. Of course, I enjoy it but not too much pressure. I should enjoy this moment,” he said.

The South Korean concluded: “I should be proud to work harder than before because the people are always watching me and expect more.”

“I’m looking forward to being better with our team and with our staff. I’m always looking forward.”