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Pochettino criticizes Walker for a lack of respect

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The ex-Tottenham full-back moved to Manchester City this summer to have a chance to work under Pep Guardiola but Pochettino said that Walker hadn’t cared about his former team even months before this happened.

Mauricio Pochettino was upset with Kyle Walker’s behaviour in the end of the previous season as the defender forced his move to Manchester City. He thinks that it was disrespectful towards his former teammates as he wasn’t able to concetrate properly on his performances.

The Argentine coach claimed that the interview with Walker went like this, according to Goal:

“Walker came to my office after the Watford game.

“‘Gaffer, I’ve been at Tottenham for nine years. I’ve thought about it and my heart isn’t here any more. Nor is my head. I’ve given all I have to give. I wanted to tell you before I tell my agent that I want to leave this summer.’

“‘Kyle, you have to stay professional. There’s a month and a half to go. We’re battling for the Premier League and FA Cup. We have to be focused and finish the campaign strongly.’

“‘Okay, gaffer. But it’s already decided.'”

The Tottenham coach also added: “Miguel [D’Agostino, first-team coach] was present. I always try to ensure there are witnesses during private conversations. I considered it to be an alarming lack of respect for his team-mates and a slap in the face for the club. None of that could be explained to the public at the time. I had to bite my tongue. From that point, the rumours started to proliferate.”

He tried to persuade Walker to stay as he said to him: “Well, that doesn’t just depend on you or me. It depends on the club, above all. You’ve disappointed me because you’ve decided to tell me that you want to leave when there is a month and bit left in the competition,” but he wasn’t successful with his attempt.