Pochettino hails Tottenham Hotspur’s players as heroes

After winning the match at Johan Cruyff Arena against Ajax, Mauricio Pochettino hailed Tottenham Hotspur’s players as the real heroes tonight.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino should take most of the credit for what Tottenham Hotspur has accomplished this season in the Champions League.

However, the Argentine’s style is more humble and he will always place the players before any achievement he gets throughout his career.

Tonight was no different as the Spurs completed one of the most memorable comebacks in Champions League history.

With a hat-trick from Lucas Moura during the second half, the London club completed an all-English final that will take place at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in the city of Madrid.

June 1st will be the day when thousands of Liverpool and Tottenham fans will invade the streets of that Spanish city, they are going to run out of beer.

Pochettino lived one of the most challenging seasons of his career, he knew that buying players this term would be nearly impossible due to the new stadium’s construction.

The manager himself supported chairman Daniel Levy and decided to play the whole season without buying a single player on either transfer window.

The Spurs were willing to take the risk and get as far as they could this season in all competitions.

The road to Madrid for Tottenham Hotspur.

The Champions League season has been a complete roller coaster for Tottenham Hotspur, they started losing the first two group stage matches.

Pochettino wasn’t able to bring his players to cope with one of the most difficult groups in the tournament.

Tottenham was part of the group that included Internazionale Milano, PSV Eindhoven, and FC Barcelona.

After losing against the Italians and the Catalan club, Spurs barely got a draw at PSV right in the middle of the stage.

Destiny was the one that wanted Lucas Moura to be the player who scored the goal that qualified them to the Round of 16.

Tottenham reached this stage thanks to that goal and PSV Eindhoven’s unexpected draw against Inter at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.

Fortune told Mauricio Pochettino’s boys that they could remain in the competition, but the Round of 16 wasn’t going to get easier.

Against all odds, the Spurs eliminated Borussia Dortmund and advanced to a challenging Quarterfinal against Manchester City.

Everybody believed their road was done in the competition, but the Spurs never stopped believing in themselves.

Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League

Lloris reveals he might end up in the MLS

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has revealed today that he might not retire with the Spurs, instead, he wishes to finish his career in the MLS.

The manager always kept his faith in the boys, they have gone through hell to get to where they are today.

After the shocking win against Ajax, Mauricio Pochettino was barely able to contain his tears of joy.

“This is one of the most important nights of my life – it is difficult to describe my feelings,” said Pochettino via Sky Sports.

“I said before my players were heroes – now they are superheroes. The most important thing I want to say is congratulations to them – they own the football. They delivered the job.”

“To go to the final is close to a miracle. Nobody believed in us in the beginning of the season. But we fully deserve to win tonight and be there.”

“Everything in the second half was amazing,” Pochettino added.

“The first half was so cruel, how we went down. We did not deserve this because we made many chances.”

“But at half-time we made some changes and started to play and always believed, and never gave up.”

“We have been so tough on the players in our five years here, to deliver their best. And tonight I learned so much from them. They are the best teachers. I am so grateful to them.”

“All the effort we have made in the last five years, it is today when you have the satisfaction and realize it was all worth it.”

“Its been an amazing season in our new home and now to close this chapter with the final and the chance to win it can be amazing too.”

Who deserves more credit for tonight’s win, Pochettino or the players? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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