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Pochettino praised Wenger for being special

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Mauricio Pochettino spoke about Arsenal’s coach Arsene Wenger as these two sides are about to face in the north London derby and he had only words of praise for the experienced Frenchman.

Wenger is currently the Premier League’s longest-serving manager and last month he celebrated 21 years at the helm – winning three league titles and a record seven FA Cups, according to Sky Sports. Wenger managed to finish with his side above Tottenham for 20 consecutive seasons and this run ended last year – but Pochettino is still full of respect for his opponent’s boss.

The former Southampton coach spoke about his opinion on Wenger as he said: “He [Wenger] is a fantastic manager, I respect him a lot and admire him. Of course, if you see the history, Arsenal was above Tottenham in the last 20 years. He deserves a lot of credit for that.”

He admired mostly the fact that Wenger managed to stay for such a long time in charge of one club: “To stay at a club five years, is because you are a good manager. If you stay 10 years, you must be very good. But to stay more than 20 years, it is because you are special. I admire him a lot, he is a very special manager.”

Pochettino also made a comment about Arsenal and their current form which doesn’t meet the expectations: “Arsenal is a great team. For me, there is not a favourite in this type of game. He [Wenger] knows better than me, the derby is not only about performance, not only about playing well or not so well. It means a lot to our fans and means a lot for their fans. Always, it is special to play. It is not important what level you arrive at the derby. The derby is special and anything can happen.”