Pochettino reveals how he convinced his players to stay

During a long interview for El Pais, Mauricio Pochettino explained how he convinced his Tottenham Players to stay in the club.

One of Mauricio Pochettino’s biggest credits for this already amazing season at Tottenham Hotspur is his ability to motivate his limited roster.

Absolutely nobody should forget that the Argentine manager took the Spurs all the way to the UEFA Champions League semifinal with no new transfers throughout the whole season.

Chairman Daniel Levy warned the boss that he wouldn’t get any new players for this term and he would have to make do with the footballers he had.

The manager had an incredibly difficult task to convince many of his best players to remain at the club.

Most of the squad’s biggest stars wanted to leave thinking they would succeed in “bigger” institutions.

But Pochettino never lost faith and the approach he took in order to convince them to stay was brilliant.

As a result of this task, the manager got the best out of every single player he had this season.

Adversity was always a constant for the Spurs with many of these great players falling injured throughout the season.

Striker Harry Kane actually suffered two different injuries that kept him out of any competition for more than half of the season.

But Pochettino always kept his faith and his belief in a “Universal Energy” that has helped him overcome these obstacles.

Just last Tuesday, Pochettino sat down with Diario El Pais for an extensive interview where he discussed many topics.

The Argentine manager revealed that he values the humane side of his players above their athletic aspect, this is the key for his success at Tottenham.

The gaffer made every one of his boys believe in themselves and the results are there, even the way he convinced them to not leave was interesting.

“After four years, we had to draw the line last summer. We had no chances of signing new players, none. We had players who wanted to leave, several.”

“Many of them called me during the World Cup and told me: ‘Mister, I will leave if a certain club comes for me. Please talk to the president. I’m telling you this because I love the idea of playing for this or that club’.”

“I just kept nodding and telling them I would speak to the president. When I had the chance to talk to Levy, I specifically made a request.”

“‘Never trust the player who wants to stay. Always trust the one who wants to leave to a bigger club because they are the more ambitious ones who want to win trophies. These are the type of players that Tottenham needs because those players are the ones who will deliver the best results’.”

“By the time the season starts, the transfer books are closed and we didn’t get exits nor arrivals.”

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“I sat down with everybody for a meeting. You don’t have many options at that moment.”

“Either we all start from scratch or we maintain the negative energy we’ve been dragging for two seasons.”

Pochettino’s key to convince the players.

The Argentine manager revealed he was honest to all his players, he vowed to judge them from that moment forward.

None of the players who requested to leave would be neglected and every single one of them would get their chance to prove himself.

Even though Pochettino knew that many of these players didn’t want to play for Tottenham Hotspur, he needed to transmit confidence.

The manager knew that he required full commitment from those players by compromising himself to them.

The Argentine even promised he would try to search for a new destination during the winter transfer window, but none of them wanted to leave when the time came.

The manager won over every single one of them through his motivation and hard work.

Knowing that he will get new transfers next summer after this very challenging year, Pochettino is more confident now than he was at the start of this season.

The Spurs’ boss feels that reaching the Champions League semifinals under the conditions he did it, is a huge accomplishment for his career.

However, he did warn the club’s board that he needs new players next season in order to compete for all the trophies.

How would you rate Mauricio Pochettino’s season as the Tottenham Hotspur’s boss? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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