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Pochettino says he doesn’t have anything to do with transfers

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has distanced himself from his team’s lack of transfer activity.

Tottenham Hotspur didn’t buy any players during the two previous transfer windows.

And the Spur still managed to finish top-five in the English Premier League and second place in the UEFA Champions League.

Now, they have signed Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon, and Jack Clarke from Leeds United and fans want more.

But manager Mauricio Pochettino has distanced himself from the lack of transfer activity.

“I am not in charge and I know nothing about the situation of my players,” Pochettino told ESPN.

“I am only coaching them and trying to get the best from them.”

The manager explained: “Sell, buy players, sign contract, not sign a contract — I think it is not in my hands, it’s in the club’s hands and [chairman] Daniel Levy.”

“Maybe the club need to change my title and description.”

“My job now is to coach the team,” he added.

“Of course I am the boss deciding the strategy to play, training, in my area, but in another area, I don’t know. Today, I feel like I am the coach.”

“I think it’s not in my hands,” Pochettino commented.

“Only I describe the situation of what happens and I think it’s important for the players and people to know that I am going to be, like I told you before, that I will be happy with the squad that the club is going to provide to me.”