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Pochettino says Spurs “must stick together and move on”

Mauricio Pochettino, clubs, 2020
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Mauricio Pochettino believes Spurs must stick together move on, from failure and success.

After his side suffered a humiliating 2-7 drubbing at home to Bayern Munich, Mauricio Pochettino is concerned about his player’s solidarity and living in the past.

Spurs had a magnificent season overall last year.

They were in contention for the most part in the league title race. Lacking depth in their squad, they fell away from the front two in the later stages.

They reached the finals of the UEFA Champions League, a feat in itself for a side that had seen little to no investment in the squad for almost two years.

This summer, however, saw club chairman Daniel Levy back Pochettino in what many considered a successful transfer window.

Some who were expected to depart stayed, and have been rumoured to be causing disharmony. Not the case according to Pochettino.

In a post-match interview reported by ESPN, he believes there are other problems.

Like his team sticking together when things go wrong, and his players living on past glories and unable to move on from bad performances.

The Argentine was disappointed but felt that emotions were running high and it was time for clam.

He said:

“Now it’s a moment to stay all together. We cannot talk now.”

“Today is a moment where we know how we feel, all disappointed.”

“The feelings are not so good. Now is a moment to be calm.”

“After a result like today, there will be no shouting or talking when the emotion is on the skin.”

He is under no illusion given the poor run of form of the task ahead of him.

He added:

“The most important thing is to move on.”

“Of course to assess the team always and our players is the most difficult job for us.”

“I think after five years, I think to be clear and to try to work like always, trying to give solutions to my players.”

“We are very critical with ourselves. We need to move on. It’s now psychological and it’s more damaging to talk among each other.”

“It’s going to be a tough season.”

“After the Champions League final it was a chapter closed and the club need to start a new chapter. ”

“This defeat is not going to change my opinion. You need to show your quality like a man first. To face it like a professional is like a man.”

It appears that Mauricio Pochettino is committed to the cause and expects his players to do likewise.

If he can turn the Spurs season around, it will only validate further his credentials as a top manager.