Pochettino says Tottenham has two more “finals”

The Spurs are currently playing in the UEFA Champions League Semifinal and have one more match to play in the English Premier League.

After losing against Bournemouth in the English Premier League, there is only one match left for Tottenham Hotspur.

And it’s not a simple game, the team needs to win it to make sure they finish in the top four of the table.

They also have to beat Ajax in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League Semifinal, as they lost the first leg.

“We have ahead two finals against Ajax and Everton and it’s in our hands to be in a good position at the end of the season,” said the coach according to the team’s official website.

“No-one believed we’d be in this position in the last week of the competition. We are in a position where it depends on us to be in the (Champions League) final or not and then it depends on us to finish in the top four.”

Frank Lampard, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Premier League

Lampard: “Chelsea are moving in the right direction”

Frank Lampard was a proud manager after Chelsea's 1-0 win over Newcastle United moved them into the Premier League top-four.

“It’s a massive week and that’s why we need to move on, try to recover as soon as possible and be ready again but whatever happens I am going to feel proud,” he concluded.

The Spurs are currently in the third position of the table with 70 points.

They will not reach second and first place, but they have two teams that could kick them out of the UEFA Champions League spots: Chelsea and Arsenal.


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