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Pochettino: “There’s a bigger success than just trophies”

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Tottenham are about to face Crystal Palace in the upcoming Premier League match and Mauricio Pochettino, the Spurs coach, believes that trophies are not the only thing that his side should aim at.

His team are currently placed third in the Premier League table, three points behind Manchester United as they lost against José Mourinho’s side in the last domestic league match. Pochettino is still waiting for his first trophy with Tottenham but he believes that trophies are not the only thing to focus on – he thinks that the style of football and the attitude are also very important.

The former Argentina international shared his thoughts ahead of the upcoming match as he said, according to Sky Sports“With the project, we have here and the philosophy and everything, it is completely different today, the Premier League. When you compare with the other teams that compete with us, for me it is a very successful period. If only [the aim] is to win a title, maybe it is not a successful period.”

He wants to win, of course, but it’s not the only thing: “I always say the same when people ask me – Man United with Ferguson spent six years and in year seven won the title. I think we are in a different project and for me, of course, I would like to win because I love to win. I am a winner. I feel I am a winner and of course, I want to win a title.”

The former coach of Southampton also made a comment about his project that still needs time: “At the moment, we are working hard and giving our best to try to achieve that but there are many things happening in the club and the project that make us feel that we are winning.”