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Pochettino understands pressure

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League
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Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has accepted that his job is under constant pressure and he will suffer if things don’t improve.

After finishing in the fourth position of the English Premier League last year, Tottenham Hotspur is currently in the seventh position of the table.

And boss Mauricio Pochettino understands the type of pressure he’s living every day at the club.

“The rumors happen in any club when you don’t win,” Pochettino said to Football 365.

“That doesn’t mean they are true and you need to care or pay attention to what has happened.”

“But I understand it’s the business. I am 47 – look, why do you think that I don’t have white hair?” he added.

“Because I don’t pay attention to any of this. I only pay attention to what we need to do to improve our performance.”

“And if we don’t improve our performance, what is going to be the result?” he added.

“Always the same in football. Yes, you are thinking the same as me.”

Pochettino said: “We are in a period where we are fragile like any team. In five years the team did a lot of good things, we put standards so high.”

“Nearly all the players – 99 percent of them – have enjoyed a good period at the club in the five and a half years we have been here. It had always been very positive so this, what is happening now, is a very new thing for us.”

“But if you look at the history of Tottenham, now it looks normal for Tottenham to be in the Champions League but five years ago it wasn’t normal. We need to face a different period but the belief is there and the faith,” he commented.

“It’s normal to have questions like, we train too much, we are tired, all the rumors that can appear. Our answer is to only laugh.”