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Pochettino: “I wouldn’t go anywhere else”

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Mauricio Pochettino is, without doubts, one of the best coaches in the world and it’s clear that he was linked with numerous clubs, mostly Real Madrid, but the coach insisted that he wants to stay in London no matter what.

The former Argentina international thinks that his current club is “the best in the world for him” and he wants to stay there and continue with this project. Pochettino extended his Spurs contract in May last year, signing on with the Premier League side until 2021, and he insisted several times that he doesn’t want to leave White Hart Lane.

The former Southampton coach spoke about his commitment as he said, according to Goal“The most important club in the world is Tottenham. And it is the best club in the world. I need to feel like this and that emotion is real because I cannot be fake. It’s too difficult to create the trust if you don’t really believe and it’s not real, that emotion. Today, Tottenham is in my head 100 percent. Today, I do not change Tottenham for another position in the world because I am so involved, so focused.”

Mauricio Pochettino also thinks that the club deserves this kind of trust: “The club deserves to have people that think only about the club, the fans, the players and the structures – and they provide us with an unbelievable life. It’s important to recognise that. It’s an amazing club and it’s so important for us to pay back the club for the way that they treat us.”

He made a comment about his relationship with his boss, Daniel Levy: “Before I arrived to Tottenham, everyone said to me, ‘It’s so difficult to have a very good relationship with Daniel’. And after, I discovered a great man. Today, I feel that he trusts in me and I trust in him. That is a good point. And then, I don’t think too much about my future. I think about today. I don’t care what happens around myself because I know very well that I am so happy here and we have a great relationship.”