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Pogba and Fernandes might have to ‘sacrifice’ to play together

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For Pogba and Fernandes to work perfectly in the same lineup, one of both players would have to sacrifice something, believes ex-Red Devil Darren Fletcher.

The prospect of Paul Pogba an Bruno Fernandes playing in the same lineup is one that has excited a lot of Man United fans.

Since signing for the club in January, Fernandes has netted twice and provided three assists in his five top flight games.

Pogba has struggled this season due to injury and has only featured in seven Premier League games. However, the Frenchman has recovered and is in line to face Tottenham in United’s first fixture on the 19th of June.

A debate has emerged over both players’ compatibility in midfield, with some believing both of their similar qualities means one might have to ‘go’ for the other to play.

Ex-United player Darren Fletcher weighs in on the matter and believes both Pogba and Fernandes can play together. However, he is of the opinion that one of them must sacrifice something in terms of style of play to let the other function appropriately.

“Without doubt, of course. Great players can come together,” he told United’s website.

“Listen, somebody might have to sacrifice a little bit of something – that’s part of being in a team, it’s not an individual sport.

“When you play with a certain midfield, whether it’s a midfield three, you adapt your game to complement each other.

“That’s what I had to do at United. I was in the team with lots of different midfielders, lots of combinations and, if a certain midfielder was playing, I would try to take up positions to allow him to benefit and he would do things to allow me to benefit.

“It’s all about being compatible and recognising the strengths of your fellow team-mates and how to get your best performance, but, ultimately, you might be sacrificing what you do best to allow someone else to excel, which helps the team win.”

Pogba himself recently said he is motivated to play alongside Bruno Fernandes in midfield.