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Pogba starts a new initiative in the fight against racism

Paul Pogba, Manchester United
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Paul Pogba encouraged his teammates to wear anti-racism wristbands against Newcastle United.

Paul Pogba has revealed that he decided to take tackling racism issues in his own hands by trying out a new approach.

Manchester United managed a comfortable 4-1 victory against Newcastle United last night. The match also featured Paul Pogba only the second time in three months after he was cleared off by the medical staff recently.

During the match, Man Utd players were seen to be wearing wristbands that demotivated racism in football. After the match, Paul Pogba revealed that it was his decision in order to take an initiative.

“It was my idea to do that,” Pogba told Sky Sports.

“I think we have the chance to have this power to show things in football, on TV. People see it so I think that will make people understand some things.

“I think it’s ignorance. Ignorance and stuff like that, and just to show people that you are all one. We are all one,” Paul Pogba insisted.

“I mean, by hearing things every week. We keep seeing it again and again in a lot of stadiums. It’s just to show that, to give support to all the players – I mean, black or white or Chinese or whatever who you are. But there is only one race.”