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Popular footballers that love gambling

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Gambling has always been regarded as a form of entertainment given to the fans or supporters of different variety of sports.

Fans are usually the set of people seen gambling away their money for some earnings, but nowadays even the athletes take part in gambling for the fun of it and also the cash involved. Famous footballers have often been spotted taking part in gambling activities like sports betting, roulette, poker or blackjack every now and then.

However, anyone involved in professional sports is not permitted to place any bet during their tournament, and are also asked to abstain from waging on other sports tournament. But this rule, so far, has been unable to stop the athletes or players from getting involved in their favourite game, as several have been spotted in casinos or bookmaker offices.

While there are rumors of them gambling for fun, some footballers could be said to have developed some passion for the popular form of entertainment for the fans, and they will also like to win big to accumulate their wealth alongside the thrills and excitement it brings for them when they are off the pitch.

With the help of the online casino website CasinoScout.ca we listed popular footballers that have developed some passion for gambling.

Wayne Rooney

England and Manchester United all-time goalscorer was famous for making headlines week in week out due to his outstanding performance on the pitch, but his acts off the pitch were also able to make the news too. One of the headlines he made was about losing £500,000 in a Manchester casino during his time with Manchester United, as he seemed to have journeyed to the famous casino to relieve himself of the boredom he was facing at the time.

The United legend, who scored 253 goals for the English giants, took up the mantle of manager at Derby County, who are currently struggling in the EFL Championship. One thing to take note of is that 32Red is a betting firm currently sponsoring Derby County, and Rooney’s arrival at the club has sparked some controversy due to this.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Already walking the path of the greatest footballers to grace the sports, Ronaldo, who have 5 Ballon d’Or in his trophy cabinet, is not only skilled in playing with the ball on the pitch but also in casino games. The Portuguese legend is quite skilled at playing poker just as much as winning the many trophies in his cabinet and he has gained worldwide recognition in this aspect too. Although you might not see the Juventus star at a casino regularly, the player still spends some time playing the poker game, which he regarded as his favorite game.

The Portuguese star has reportedly played against professional poker player Patrick Antonius several times, and he can be seen in several poker-related commercials.

He is a member of the PokerStars official sports team, as can be regularly found in the brand’s online poker rooms inviting thousands of players to play the game.

PokerStars is a new online casino in Canada and gained a lot of popularity over time. Recently it signed a contract with Neymar, making the Brazilian superstar one of the new ambasssdaors of the new online casino brand.

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Diego Maradona

Regarded as an Argentina legend and one of the greatest players of all time, Diego Maradona was not only successful on the football pitch but also for casino betting. The Argentine legend has been seen in several casinos and he was even previously reported for running and operating an illegal casino in Buenos Aires.

Maradona’s only aim in gambling was for the huge winnings involved, nothing else. His interests in gambling focus on casino card games, which he believes is the best way to understand the nature of a person. He claims that a player’s emotions tend to act out more accurately when playing real money card games. He also plays roulette once in a while.

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Gianluigi Buffon

Regarded as one of Italy’s greatest football legends, Gianluigi Buffon is another player on the list who developed a love for the casino game, poker. While playing as a goalkeeper, Buffon is usually seen in Italian casinos making wagers and just as he is a winner on the pitch, he is also one for the casino game as he had received huge winnings several times. Just like his former teammate Ronaldo, Buffon has also been seen in several poker adverts and he is signed as an ambassador of PokerStars.

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