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Porto’s manager warns: “Cristiano can decide a game”

Sergio Conceicao and Cristiano Ronaldo,
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Sergio Conceicao commented on Ronaldo’s importance at Juventus and how Porto can stop him at their UCL fixture this Wednesday.

There is no doubt that Porto’s manager Sergio Conceicao knows who he’s up against this Wednesday night. The former Parma, Inter, and Lazio player knows his way around Serie A and has faced Juventus many times. Conceicao failed to play alongside Cristiano in their national team by a matter of months. However, the manager knows exactly the amount of danger Ronaldo poses to his team.

“This isn’t an individual sport, but we know that Cristiano can decide a game at any moment. That’s why he’s considered the best in the world. We need to be a solid, compact and cohesive team, in light of what we’ve done in the Champions League. We have to understand that space is what Cristiano likes, just like Morata or any other striker. But he’s a fabulous player who finishes like no one else,” the manager said in his press conference.

Sergio Conceicao also spoke about Juventus’ qualities as a team. In fact, the manager shared what Porto needs to look out for in order to stop the Bianconeri.

“Besides what we mentioned regarding their individual quality, in collective terms they’re a team aware of what they’re doing when they have the ball, with players who hardly lose any duels. They explore the back of their opponent’s defensive line and have wingers with very interesting ball progression. We need to look out for the players’ characteristics, who can come up with various solutions to reach their opponent’s goal.”

Porto and Juventus face each other this Wednesday night for the first leg of the UEFA Champions League’s Round of 16.