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Portugal’s Santos snaps – no more Ronaldo

fernando santos, cristiano ronaldo
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Portugal boss Fernando Santos put a stop to questions on Cristiano Ronaldo at the press conference before Portugal’s game against Lithuania.

Santos took a few questions on Ronaldo, before drawing a line in sheer frustration at the attending press.

It was their insistence in turning the conference into a Ronaldo, Sarri and Juventus saga that pushed him the snap.

According to Goal, Santos answered the initial questions regarding Ronaldo’s fitness.

He said:

“Cristiano is here, he was called up, he’s fine, he’ll play, I have no doubts about it.”

“So, for me, there’s no issue here.”

The questions continued thick and fast, Ronaldo this and Ronaldo that.

Santos snapped.

He added:

“Cristiano Ronaldo again? No, sorry, sorry.”

“On Cristiano Ronaldo again, I’m talking about Portugal. ”

“You are talking to me about Cristiano. Cristiano, no. I won’t talk about Cristiano anymore.”

“For me, the theme of Cristiano Ronaldo ends here.”

Santos’s had one last parting shot.

He concluded:

“Everybody wants to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, everybody wants to give their opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“Because if this thing was with any other player, nobody would be talking about it.”

“We are only talking about this because it’s Cristiano Ronaldo.”