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Portuguese journalist gives update on Ronaldo’s Covid-19 test

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A report claims Cristiano Ronaldo is anxiously waiting for the result of a new coronavirus test he personally requested.

On Tuesday, news broke of Ronaldo testing positive for coronavirus as reported by the Portuguese football federation.

CR7 will of course have to self-isolate for 10 days at least given the required rules and guidelines.

However, it appears Ronaldo demanded a new test by a different lab to the one the Portuguese FA uses, and is still awaiting the result.

Portuguese sports analyst Rui Pedro Braz described it as the fourth test, after two ‘Gold Standard’ positives which are seen as the most accurate and a third less benchmark one which came back “inconclusive”.

No one knows what the results of the final test will be but Ronaldo will wait it out before making his next move.

He is expected to return to Turin to continue his self-isolation if he tests positive for Covid-19 a third time.

It’s more than obvious Ronaldo is eager to get back to the pitch as soon as possible.