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Potential further delays for Beckham’s Inter Miami

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There is the potential for further delays regarding the new stadium for David Beckham’s MLS franchise Inter Miami.

MLS commissioner  Don Garber introduced another new franchise arriving in 2022. Sacramento is the latest addition to the MLS family.

But not long after, there was less postive news about one of its latest expansions.

There could possibly further delays in the building of the new home for the franchise part-owned by David Beckham, Inter Miami.

Beckham and his partners are supposed to be building a 1 billion dollar development called Miami Freedom Park.

But there have been multiple issues with the location.

From toxic land reports to accusations of under the table agreements, and now a proposal of totally renegotiating the entire deal.

ESPN has reported the exchanges between the parties.

MLS’s Don Garber is at his wit’s end.

He said:

“There have been continuous challenges in Miami, and it’s frustrating.”

“MLS has shown such a commitment to the City of Miami, and been so patient for so many years.”

“We’ve done everything we said we would do.”

“We found an unbelievable local owner in Jorge Mas and his partner Marcelo Claure. ”

“They’ve invested over $100 million in a temporary facility, all based on the fact that there was a public referendum that supported our path to signing a lease at the Melreese site.”

Garber feels the political forum has now got involved and other agendas are causing the issue.

He added:

“Now all of a sudden, there’s a bunch of folks that are backtracking on some of the commitments that were made.”

“I find it frustrating and at times infuriating. It seems as if we’re getting caught up in a political mess that is not of our making.”

“I’m very disappointed.”

Politicians in Miami are all taking up a side they feel best suits their demographic when voting time comes around.

The city’s commissioner feels that everything needs to be reviewed.

Commissioner Reyes said:

“My job is to protect the interest of the residents and our greenspaces/parks of the City of Miami.

While the mayor thinks it is a great deal.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said

“We have to stop playing games and exercise the will of the voters to bring this global sport, one of the few things missing in Miami, to our beautiful global city.”

Beckham and his fellow investors have to wait around 30 – 45 days for a final decision to be made.